• Karen Grace

First Fruit for the Lord

June 25, 2017, 7PM USA Central Time

We started our Bible Sunday Twitch stream as usual. We sang our worship song "Lay Me Down" and talked about the Bible story of the good Samaritan: Who is my neighbor (Luke 10:25-37). Viewers started to pop in and asked questions as usual.

Mr. Killer came in and asked "Can I be saved?" Then we started to talk about Sin, Jesus, God, the Good News, the Salvation, and the ABC (Admit you are a sinner, Believe Jesus Christ is Son of God, that He died for our sin and raised from death after 3 days, Confess your faith in Jesus Christ). In the mean time, Mr. Killer asked some other questions too. After we gave our answers, he was about to leave for sleep.

I am not a pastor but the Holy Spirit pushed me to ask an invitation for him. So I did. I was hoping he would respond to the invitation but I also told myself not to hope too high. Guess what, the Lord God is so good that He touched Mr. Killer's heart so that he would be saved! He was ready!

We were very excited and joyful by the Lord's pleasant surprise! We prayed the confession prayer for faith in Jesus Christ, and He surely did repeat the prayer as we said.

We were so joyful and we said another prayer for him, praising God's grace, mercy and salvation and praying for God's guidance to Mr. Killer's rest of his life!

The Lord gave us this wonderful gift of being able to witness a soul saved by Jesus from UK, on the other side of the world another continent at their local 2:30AM while everyone else was asleep! That was absolutely a miracle and ALL glory belong to God Himself alone! We are blessed very much to welcome this new brother to our family in Heaven!

After that, Mr. Killer has joined in our Discord community and has been connected with us together. We have enjoyed all conversations with him so far and pray to continue helping him grow in Christ along his life journey as well. Please feel free to join me in prayers for Mr. Killer's personal spiritual growth and his witness to his family too. Thank you!

This moment will be forever remembered, for this is the undoubtable evidence of God's amazing work! We will continue to move forward, to carry on the Gospel and Discipleship missions till the end of the earth. We couldn't make it without your support and prayers. Thank you very much for joining us in this ministry in gaming communities! May God bless you and your family! ^_^

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