• Karen Grace

A Conversation from Game to God

On the day of November 29, 2016, when we walked into the gaming store next to the restaurant where we had dinner on the way back to school from Thanksgiving, we never knew we would stay there more than 2 hours for a conversation.

A young man was sitting at the table, looking confused with a board game in front of him. I recognized the board game and we have played many time with friends and family. So we offered to teach him how to play the game. We thought that it could be a short lesson and then we would hit the road going home.

Who knows that our conversations about board games got extended to languages, people groups, mission trip, and the God that we believe in! The young man is a Morman, but he is very interested in seeking the truth. So we sat down and talked about the various differences between Christianity and Mormonism. The conversations seemed to inspire him to think more about the truth and to help him to read the Bible.

In the journey of sharing the Gospel, some plants the seed, some waters, some softens the soil, and some harvests. We pray that this young man would be able to receive the wisdom from Jesus Christ and to discover the truth in Christianity through the Holy Spirit! We are grateful for this encounter and it is very worthy to stay there for 2 hours with him.

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