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Care For Your Soul

Facing struggles, difficulties, obstacles, low points and challenges?
We are here to help gamers to live a positive, hopeful, healthy, meaningful life. Connect with new friends in a worldwide caring gaming community that will be there for you. Let us walk with you here now.


Don't worry! We Welcome you and Love you too!

This Christian ministry is meant to open for EVERY gamer, no matter what games you like to play, what religion you believe, where you come from,  what languages you speak,

or what life paths that you have been through.

You are loved and accepted here. You are not alone neither.  Come join us! 

Our Vision

Provide the BEST Gamer Care for You

Connect with gamers worldwide

Witness both believers and seekers

Share life with hope, faith, joy, and peace

Grow together in positivity and encouragement

Live better in every day life with professional coaching

Multiply seeds, labors, disciples, and blessings all over the world 

About Us

Mighty Grace Positive Gaming is a Christian Ministry, started in Oct. 2016.

We reach out to gamer through various media, share the message of Jesus Christ, create a positive encouraging community, facilitate spiritual growth and wellness with people.

Life Matters, Grow Together, Live Better.


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Truly my soul finds rest in God;
my salvation comes from Him.

Psalms 62:1

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